This unit will define the term micro-commissioning, examining how micro-commissioning can benefit, and be applied to, a variety of areas, including individuals and service delivery.

This unit will track the process of implementing micro-commissioning, and key actors involved in this process. By exploring the outcomes of effective micro-commissioning this unit will also analyse the impact of micro-commissioning on the individual, the community and service delivery.

After this unit, learners will:

  • Understand the principles and objectives of micro commissioning
  • Understand the implementation of micro commissioning describing the process of applying micro-commissioning to service delivery
  • Understand localised commissioning
  • Understand the interdependencies between the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and social prescribing service delivery
  • Explain the impact of effective micro-commissioning on individuals, the community and service delivery.
Key Takeaways
  • Confidence that SP would be a great platform to lead/ deliver micro- commissioning
  • Confidence to set up and run a scheme
  • Better understanding which may benefit career progression
  • Why is it needed and what is the impact?
  • Why processed are in place – applications, constitutions etc
  • What resources are needing
  • Where SP/ we fit in – key role.

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