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By 2024, over 2.5 million more people across England will benefit from social prescribing; a ‘prescription’ aimed at improving health and wellbeing via the community. Primary care networks and wider CCG/STP areas desperately need dedicated professionals, who specialise across health, social care and the community, to engage and connect local people to the right, non-clinical support. The type that improves outcomes and demonstrates local impact. The Level 3 Qualification in Social Prescribing is the UK's only recognised qualification in social prescribing. This interactive course brings together the latest research and knowledge from leaders at the forefront of social prescribing and equips new and existing social prescribers with not just the practical skills but the ability to transform your organisation's approach to social prescribing within just six months.

Learner Benefits


The Level 3 Qualification in Social Prescribing is a highly interactive, intensive course delivered over six months, blending classroom-based and on the job learning.


Learn with the latest research and knowledge from leaders at the forefront of social prescribing. Our tutors all work within social prescribing and will set out how you can complement your organisation’s approach to it.


Already providing social prescribing? Gain the professional recognition you deserve for your practice. The Level 3 Qualification in Social Prescribing is the UK's recognised professional standard for social prescribers and link workers.


Enhance your basic training to support individuals in accessing services in the community that are appropriate to their needs but also accelerate your social prescribing career and become qualified whilst you do it!


Learn from the tutors and your fellow learners how to design and deliver tried-and-tested, practical community-based solutions through social prescribing.


Discover how to confidently measure outcomes and improve support mechanisms to showcase your impact to commissioners and stakeholders alike.


Learn how to get straight to the heart of the structures and cultures that exist within communities to refine and transform your local approach.

What Learners Say

"Today I had a really tough last visit with a couple who have experienced quite a bit of trauma over the last 2 years. Without the things I’ve learnt over the course, I honestly think I’d have struggled to help them make any steps forward. But... I was able to put into practice elements of what we’ve been taught in a way I’d never quite worked before."

- Sarah, Learner (July 2019)

"I've really enjoyed the course so far. The different units are interesting and I'm getting a better understanding and knowledge of how social prescribing can work by looking further beneath the surface. There are plenty of practical group activities too which helps with what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis."

- Dominic Rhodes, Learner (July 2019) & Health & Wellbeing Coordinator at East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Meet the Tutors

David Cowan

Conexus Healthcare

Marcello Bertotti

University of East London

Dan Hopewell

Bromley by Bow Centre

Caroline Frostick

University of East London

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