I really enjoyed this section of learning. David is very knowledgeable and this shines through . Out of all sections , I would say this has been one I felt I enjoyed the most as it is something I had little understanding of.

Enjoyed this Section

Very interesting module that we can take a lot from, to help in our day to day work

Very interesting module that we can take a lot from

Really good Tutor, enjoyed the sessions, very relaxed and open

Good tutor

“I’ve really enjoyed the course so far. The different units are interesting and I’m getting a better understanding and knowledge of how social prescribing can work by looking further beneath the surface. There are plenty of practical group activities too which helps with what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis.”


Today I had a really tough last visit with a couple who have experienced quite a bit of trauma over the last 2 years. Without the things I’ve learnt over the course, I honestly think I’d have struggled to help them make any steps forward. But… I was able to put into practice elements of what we’ve been taught in a way I’d never quite worked before.