This unit provides an extensive introduction to social prescribing, by looking at the roles within the process of social prescribing, including those of link workers, practitioners and other services involved.

The unit discusses key policies in relation to the context and objectives of social prescribing.

Potential impacts of social prescribing are also explored drawing on evidence-based practice and methods used to measure outcomes.

After this unit, learners will:

  • Understand and define social prescribing
  • Understand the context and objectives of social prescribing
  • Understand the methods of social prescribing
  • Be able to describe the impact of social prescribing on individuals, communities and system
  • Identify the policy framework underpinning social prescribing
  • Explain how to evaluate social prescribing interventions identifying the key outcomes from effective social prescribing
  • Describe asset-based approaches to community development.

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