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Delivering Community-based Outcomes

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Length of Course: 1 month
Live sessions: 3 x 2 hour live sessions
Pre-recorded sessions: 2-3
Assessments: Activities on our Virtual Learning Environment and written assessment
Level 3 Credits: 3

This unit explores social prescribing at a community level, in-depth and issues faced within with reference to community centred
approaches for health and wellbeing.

This unit investigates the partners and stakeholders involved in social prescribing within communities including
professionals involved in multi-agency working in primary care networks (PCNs).

Engaging communities with, and through, social prescribing is also explored in this unit in relation to the policy context.

After this unit, learners will:

  • Understand how social prescribing can facilitate community-based solutions and community centred approaches
  • Understand the different factors involved in delivering community-based solutions through social prescribing
  • Explain how to engage communities, clinicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Describe the partners involved in multi-agency working in PCNs
  • Explain the role of integrated working when delivering community-based solutions through social prescribing
  • Describe how to overcome barriers to delivering community-based solutions
  • Identify the opportunities provided when delivering community-based solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • How to engage communities in needs identification
  • Thinking outside the box. Not just JSNA/DATA
  • We love roles plays and accents are our friends.

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November 2020